Time to check your email address in Moodle

Time to check your email address in Moodle

The beginning of the year 2017 brings changes also to staff and students' email addresses. Staff address will change to format "firstname.lastname@xamk.fi" at the 1st of January. The new last part in all students' addresses will be "edu.xamk.fi". Students' email address has been changed. If you are having problems logging in to Moodle, please make a service request in xinfo.xamk.fi.

Xinfo notice about the students email address change

The new address will not be updated automatically to Moodle, so please check and change your email address if necessary.

How to update your profile information:

  • After login in, click your name on the top right corner of Moodle
  • Choose "Edit profile" from the menu.
  • Check your email address and change it if necessary.
  • Remember to save changes at the end of the page.
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