Moodle in English

Moodle is an online learning environment that offers tools to returning assignments, working in groups, online discussions and keeping in touch with other Moodle users, sharing materials and producing content and making online exams. Moodle origins from words Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. 

You can log in to Moodle with your own Xamk id and password. Students contact the teacher when experiencing problems with courses, course key (password) or when having problems finding the course in Moodle. 

Moodle has an app for both iOS and Android systems.  You will find the app from AppStore (iOS) or Play Store/Play Kauppa (Android). 

Guide materials in Moodle:

There are guide courses in Moodle that you can join if you want to learn to use Moodle as a student or a teacher. Materials are available to everyone interested in constructing an online learning course and learning Moodle basics. 

Having problems logging in to Moodle? Or using Moodle? 

If you want to reset your password for your Xamk id, go to:
If you don't know your student id, check it from IT department or post a ticket to our helpdesk Xinfo. 

When experiencing other problems with Moodle, you can contact E-campus Moodle support in Xinfo

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